Personalized Learning with use of technology

childrenTop Up Classes Olympiad and foundation Maths and English program designers have figured out a perfect blend of the good old paper-based learning supplemented by interactive top videos, online tests, worksheets and mobile application based learning.

Tracking learning outcomes closely

Most learning programs do not accurately track the effectiveness of their intervention. Top Up Classes are different – we track each aspect of the student’s learning very closely, and share progress with the parent regularly.

Engaging the students

Top Up Classes curriculum team has spent countless hours delivering the program more engaging for the student so that even students who initially hate Mathematics and English start getting rid of their fear as soon as they join the program, and eventually start to love the subject!

Personalized learning after-school Mathematics and English program

Top Up Classes is offered in after-school mode through small home-based centers, delivered by trained teachers providing personalized instructions. Our centers do bring no commute time for ‪‎students and more study‬ time and students safety.

The program covers the basic school curriculum, as well as other important aspects of Math like logical reasoning, mental Math and English comprehension skills.

Our Olympiad and foundation Maths and English programs are designed to help school children, master Mathematics and English and develop a love for the subjects. Through a mixture of carefully designed worksheets and personalized learning through instruction customized to meet individual student needs.

Top Up Classes covers not only the basic school curriculum but also Olympiad examination abilities and skills. The idea behind Top Up Classes is simple yet revolutionary: Mathematics and English are such subjects which can be mastered with extensive, structured and creative practice in a guided environment.Check out our Winner Students and Call now 9535386072, 9880641822