Top Reasons Kids Must Learn Maths


Love for Maths

  • Talk positively about maths so your child also values it.
  • Play games with your child, which involve adding dice or numbers, to show them that math matters.
  • Ask your child how they work out maths problems; it helps build their knowledge and boosts their confidence.
  • Help your child to group objects by asking them to set the table or put the cutlery away correctly.
  • Point out maths in everyday life with your child whenever you can.

Kids need to learn maths to make their own adult lives better, by making smart decisions on routine day-to-day matters. Let’s explore the ways we live smarter when we grasp the numbers. Having knowledge of basic math concepts is a “strong predictor of later achievement” for children who are entering school, explained the Society for Research in Child Development. Some experts believe that knowledge of maths concepts may even be a more important predictor of school success than early reading ability. Maths skills are needed for nearly every task we perform, and jobs are requiring a higher maths proficiency than ever before; maths skills become more important when we acknowledge that we live in a technology-driven society.


We at Top Up Classes believe that providing carefully tailored individual or small group instruction together with additional practice, explanation and feedback might be sufficient for many students who are lagging behind their peers in learning critical foundation skills in maths. While there are surely students whose underlying struggles in maths learning are due to learning challenges, tailoring maths instruction in the early years will benefit all children.

If kids grow up to be good at maths, they’ll raise kids who are good at maths — because parents are children’s first teachers. When parents love maths and feel comfortable with it, and feel brave enough to help a child with maths homework, that attitude is contagious. Those parents were once kids themselves, so let’s start the cycle on the right foot, for the good of our kids and for society.

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